Session information:

• Photo sessions are casual, spontaneous and fun. Sessions are usually 1-2 hours (3 hours for newborn sessions) depending on the subject and the kind of portraits chosen during your consultation. You will receive a minimum of 15 images in your on-line preview gallery (8 for mini-sessions). Most images will be in color; however, some black and white images may be included.

• Portraits are taken at the location of your choice using as much natural light as possible. A travel fee will be added to locations more than 30 miles away.

• The initial session fee is due within 5 days of booking to hold your date. Balances for specialty sessions and any travel fees are due at the conclusion of your photography session. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit/debit card.

• Your portraits will be ready for viewing/ordering within 14 days of the session. Images will be uploaded to an online gallery for your convenience. A special link and password will be emailed to you. Your photo gallery will remain on-line for 7 days. Photo galleries can be extended for an additional 7 days for a $25 fee. If complimentary prints are included with your session, your print order MUST be made within 7 days or your prints may be subject to forfeiture.

• Standard sized prints (up to 20x30) can be ordered through the on-line gallery, using a debit/credit card. Specialty items (i.e. collage/storyboards, photo cards, photo books) and prints that are a part of a photo collection MUST be ordered directly through Lisa Brooks Photography. Simply record the print number(s) and email this information to the photographer. These items will be shipped separately.

• Fees for additional services/prints must be paid in full before services/prints will be delivered.

When to schedule your session:

• Maternity - Maternity portraits generally should be taken around the 7th or 8th month. The belly is usually the optimum size for portrait purposes.

• Newborns - The best time for a newborn session is within the first 14 days of birth (days 6-10 are optimal). They seem to curl so much easier and the baby acne hasn't yet surfaced.

• Infants & Children – It is best to photograph children, especially infants and toddlers when they are well fed and well rested.

• For outside portraits, early morning or early evening times have the most flattering light. For indoor, natural light portraits, early morning to mid-afternoon is best.

For specific tips on your particular session (i.e. newborn, maternity, family), contact me.

What to Wear:

Dress your child in whatever makes them comfortable. If they have a favorite outfit or color, let them wear it. If you’re not sure what to dress your child in, then simple, plain clothing is recommended. Avoid words, big logos or cartoon characters on clothing. Your eye will immediately jump to them. Avoid obvious trends. These images are going to be in your home for a long time to come so you don't want to look at them a year from now and say "what was I thinking".

If this is a family session, coordinate everyone’s clothing. Everyone does not have to be dressed alike, but stay in the same color family. Try to think of everyone's outfits combined as one big outfit. Patterns are fine on kids (i.e. plaid shorts or a polka dot dress). If your child's outfit has a pattern, I suggest you start with the patterned piece of clothing and pull colors out of that when you're coming up with the outfits for the grownups.

After your session:

You’ve completed your session and viewed your images via the on-line gallery, now it’s time to place your print order. Most people don’t think about the concept of print sizes. Sizes 8x10 and smaller are usually considered gift (or desk) prints. These are prints you give to others or display on a desk or table. Sizes 11x14 and larger are called wall prints. Use these prints (or a combination of wall prints and gift prints) to create wall displays in your home. Not sure what sizes or quantities to order? My portrait collections are designed to help you create great wall displays and share with family and friends.